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Pain is one of the most basic experiences in life. Since the beginning of human existence, people suffering from pain have been trying to find ways and means to fight it. No wonder they enlisted the help of magic; Religion or the first healing arts; Because early man felt at the mercy of this “unknown force”. Pain Relief drugs were not available before.

Pain Relief medicine in early history and antiquity

In early history, pain was considered a demonic evil or a punishment from the gods. Medicine men or priests tried, for example, to protect themselves from pain or to “drive it out”; Either with manipulative influence (rituals), tattoos, amulets and idols. The first Pain Relief (s) included mineral, herbal and animal tinctures, ointments and medicinal drinks. Findings from the Stone Age (circa 10,000 BC) suggest that; drilled holes in human skulls indicate that; headaches were treated here, as these methods are still used by some African ethnic groups today. The “evil spirit” should also escape through the opening.

The use of the opium obtained from the dried milky juice of the opium poppy as a Pain Relief is also documented from this time. The pain medicine benefits of cannabis (hemp) emerged around 2000 BC. in old Hindu texts; but according to tradition it is said to have existed as early as 5000 BC. to have been known in ancient China.

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