Sleep Aids

Sleeping pills make it easier to fall asleep and allow you to sleep through the whole night after a very long day of work (stress). Sleeping aids are medicines that can make it easier to fall asleep or stay asleep in case of sleep disorders. Medium-acting sleeping medications and long-acting sleeping pills such as Sominex, Unisom sleepGel and many others are available for this purpose. We have non-prescription sleeping pills in our online shop.
These medicines lead to an increased readiness for sleep, they have a sedative effect or are anxiolytic. Due to the high dependency potential, prescription Sleeping Aids in particular should not be taken for more than 4 weeks.

How does sleeping pills work?

Sleeping Aids make it easier to fall asleep or allow you to sleep through. In case of problems with falling asleep, medications are prescribed, which are effective. Medium-acting sleeping medications are used in case of early awakening. Long-acting sleeping pills are prescribed, although a sedative effect is also desirable during the day. 

Many Sleeping Aids lead to decreased or shortened REM sleep. In the REM sleep phase, the brain processes all the information one day. Learning processes take place. 

Sleep Aids work differently

Sleeping Aids are divided into medicines that only the doctor can prescribe (prescription) and drugs that are over-the-counter in the pharmacy (prescription-free). In contrast to non-prescription sleeping pills, the risk of dependence and tolerance development is significantly increased with prescription sleeping pills.

Sleeping disorders are widely spread, but funny is that many people suffering from this remain alone with this problem. Poor sleep can make you sick in the long run, for example; It increases the risk of depression. Reasons why all those affected from sleeping disorder should seek for help. Sleeping Aids can be of very great help. Get the best sleeping pills from us discreetly with bitcoin. The pharmacy team gives tips on sleep hygiene and looks for causes of the sleep disorder.

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