Silvitra 120mg (Sildenafil + Vardenafil)

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Silvitra 120mg (Sildenafil + Vardenafil):

Silvitra 120mg (Sildenafil + Vardenafil) belongs to a group of medicines which are used to treat problems getting or keeping an erection (erectile dysfunction). Blue Heaven Shop EU is the best, fastest and discreet online shop for your original Silvitra 120mg for sale here. Our silvitra 120 mg pills are very good for your erectile dysfunction problems. Get Silvitra 120mg delivered to your doorstep today. Buy cheap 120mg from a reliable and discreet online store today.

At least one in ten men has trouble getting or keeping an erection at some point. There may be physical or psychological causes, or a mixture of both. Whatever the cause is, due to muscle and blood vessel changes not enough blood remains in the penis to make it hard and keep it hard.

How does Silvitra work?

  1. Silvitra only works when you are sexually stimulated. It reduces the action of the natural chemical in your body that makes the erection go away. VARDENAFIL allows an erection to last long enough for you to enjoy satisfying sexual activity.
  2. Silvitra combined with Vardenafil and Slidenifal citrate will work for typical sexual problems.
  3. Silvitra unleashes all the wild power and go full throttle with vardenafil citrate and Slidenifal at your command and conquer territory like the king of the world.

Administration of Silvitra 120mg (Sildenafil + Vardenafil)

 Silvitra tablet is taken by mouth to treat erectile dysfunction and impotence in men. Double Layer (blue and orange) uncoated round shaped tablets.

From the beginning of treatment, you should ask your doctor the following questions; How to use Silvitra 120mg? What dose should I take?; How constant can I take Silvitra? What are the recommendations to increase the efficiency of the treatment? All these questions are important to ensure the maximum safety of the treatment and to avoid the side effects.

It is recommended to take one Silvitra pill 20 minutes to one hour before sexual contact. Silvitra should not be taken more than once a day. Please consult your doctor before using this medication to ensure you have no contraindications.

What are the side effects of Silvitra 120mg (Sildenafil + Vardenafil)?

Like many other drugs sildenafil can cause several side effects. These effects are usually mild and do not last long. The most common among drug after effects are skin rashes, digestive upset, headaches, nasal congestion and dizziness. Please take into account that after-effects may be more severe and more likely to appear if overdose of the drug happened to be. Contact your doctor if there is one. Original Silvitra 120 mg pills available.


Blue Heaven Shop EU provide only general drug information that does not cover all directions, possible drug integrations, or precautions. We disclaim any reference to the undeniable nature of this information and any errors it may contain. Nor are we are not liable for any direct or indirect, special or other damages as a result of any use of the information on this site and also for the consequences of self-treatment. We have Silvitra 120mg for sale in our online shop.

How to store Silvitra 120mg (Sildenafil + Vardenafil)

Store Silvitra in a dry place at room temperature. Do not expose it to direct sunlight. Keep the drug away from children. Silvitra 120mg delivered to your doorstep. All our products are discreetly shipped. No reference to our store or products appears on the package. Contact us today.

Brand original Silvitra 120mg pills
Composition Sildenafil 100 MG and Vardenafil 20 MG
Form Tablet
Pack Size 1*10
Packaging Type Box
Dosage Get medical supports from your doctor
Brand original Silvitra 120mg pills
Composition Sildenafil 100 MG and Vardenafil 20 MG
Form Tablet
Pack Size 1*10
Packaging Type Box
Dosage Get medical supports from your doctor

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